After over five years of operation, the tough decision was made to retire Breaking Boundaries in the first quarter of 2019.

We understand this may come as a shock to many people. We know that our events became a home to many; a safe and nurturing space for self-expression, celebrating our diversities, and showcasing our talents. We’ve loved the wholesome and caring community that has formed around our events, and we’ve shared a number of incredible moments with you. We are forever grateful for everyone who has held us close of the years, and the whānau that was cultivated around us.

But it’s time to switch off the unicorn fairy lights and unplug the microphone.

We are deeply proud of what Breaking Boundaries has achieved over our years of operation. Breaking Boundaries was started as a casual online community with only two team members in 2013 and flourished into a thriving creative arts platform and registered charity. When Breaking Boundaries was first established, we never anticipated what it would come to be for so many people. Our retirement is the end of an era, and a decision that came with reluctance and tears, but thanks to supporters like yourself we have achieved our goals, our mission, and fulfilled our original vision. It is time to move on, but we will never forget the memories and connections forged during this journey.

A message from our co-founder, Tycho:
Sustaining non-profit mahi is an exhausting endeavour, many of you will know this. Breaking Boundaries was always 100% volunteer operated and grass roots funded. Navigating this space and nourishing an organisation of our size has been a momentous task with great personal investment from all involved. I have found the experience incredibly heartwarming, I've learned a lot from others, and it was remarkably rewarding. 

We invested all we could into our Breaking Boundaries whānau and the time has come to invest some of that energy back into ourselves. Like many others working in the LGBTQI+ non-profit sphere, it was not uncommon to put personal mental and physical health on the backburner for community work. There is a conversation here that we desperately need to have - about sustaining ourselves while sustaining our communities - and perhaps the retirement of Breaking Boundaries will help stoke that fire.

A special shout out to all of our volunteers over the years - you know who you are, now scattered all over the world! This mahi isn't easy, but thank you for your time, energy, and resources. I know many of you will be reaching out for your next gig, as volunteering is in your blood - just remember to take care of yourselves. 

I am confident to retire Breaking Boundaries at a time where so many rad queer and trans events have emerged in Tāmaki Makaurau and Aotearoa more widely. I hope that you invest the same trust, energy, support, and resources that you gave to us into these spaces. This can be as simple as a small affirmation or smile to those behind the scenes; trust me when I say they don’t get it enough.

Now it’s time for new endeavours. If you see any of the Breaking Boundaries team around give us a wave or come for a chat, we still want to be part of your lives.

Thank you for everything. Remember that you are loved, you are worthy, and stay queer as f❥ck!

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