About Us
Learn about Breaking Boundaries mission, values, and our crew.

We're a small creative collective who develop innovative, inclusive, and accessible projects for LGBTQI people in Aotearoa New Zealand. We aim to uplift, empower, and cultivate diverse local LGBTIQ+ creative talent.

Breaking Boundaries [BRKBND] is a grassroots non-profit creative organisation for queer, transgender, intersex, and questioning people in New Zealand. We recognise the creative arts as a significant tool in our communities at both the personal and societal levels - providing a medium for creative expression and self-exploration, fostering wellbeing, and acting as a powerful vehicle for raising awareness, challenging discrimination, tackling stigma, and the inequalities associated with marginalised identities.

BRKBND designs, develops, and delivers a number of innovative and enaging projects and events throughout the year. We also work as a supportive over-head organisation for people and other groups who require support turning their ideas into reality.

Breaking Boundaries is guided by the following values:

  • Creating projects and spaces which are safe and supportive for people of all ages;
  • An awareness of, and respect for, the diversity present within our communities;
  • Recognising, valuing, and upholding principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi throughout our services;
  • Remaining critical and open to critique - of both our own organisation and broader society;
  • Understanding and respecting the unique experiences and needs of gender minority and intersex people;
  • Supporting, encouraging, and valuing our volunteers and people who utilise our services;
  • Ensuring our projects remain accessible to people of diverse ethnicities, class backgrounds, and (dis)abilities;
  • Promoting opportunities for personal development and leadership;
  • Utilising the creative arts as a transformative tool within our communities.

Some of our current aims are:

  • Establishing free/affordable, safe, and accessible groups for LGBTQI people in Auckland;
  • Delivering a range of creative-oriented workshops by queer people for queer people;
  • Creating innovative and engaging initiatives and projects which raise awareness, tackle stigma, and challenge discrimination both within queer communities and wider society;
  • Collaborating with other people, groups, and organisations to develop awareness campaigns and resources;
  • Decentering the consumption of alcohol and drugs as a foundation of LGBTIQ+ events. We are simply providing an alternative - not alienating, demonising, or passing judgement on these.
  • Providing opportunities for people to connect, gain skills, and experience through the provision of resources to run their own projects and events, or via engagement with our groups.

We'd like to expand this list, but we are often limited by funding constraints common within the charities sector. If you'd like to help us sustain and expand on this work, please consider making a donation.