Our Team
Breaking Boundaries is run by a small but dedicated team of volunteers (the BRKBND family).
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Joni Nelson
Creative Director
She/Her joni@breakingboundaries.org.nz

Joni is a queer femme writer and performer based in Auckland. As a creative, much of Joni’s work deals with queer commentary and critique, and they are passionate about the ways in which creative mediums can help to express queer voices and stories.

Tycho Vandenburg
Operational Manager
They/Them tycho@breakingboundaries.org.nz

Tycho is currently completing their PhD in community psychology, exploring transgender and gender diverse homelessness in Aotearoa. Tycho handles the behind the scenes functioning of BRKDBND, ranging from web design to funding.

Alesha Ahdar
Events Coordinator
She/They alesha@breakingboundaries.org.nz

Alesha is a Takatāpui jill-of-all-trades from Ngāti Maniapoto & Hāmoa. She is a Film & TV Production Management Student, passionate about empowering Polynesian and LGBTQAI+ storytelling, whiteboard sessions, and the elderly (which of course includes good cups of tea.)

Jessie Lee
Events Tech

Jesse is a queer Non-Binary Electronic Musician, recently transplanted from the States. They are passionate about creating intersectional electronic/dance music experiences which challenge gender norms and create safe spaces for radical self expression. Their hashtags are #vegan, #femme and #animalpal. They also enjoy sticking it to the patriarchy

Qian Ye Lin

Qian Ye is currently tackling her BA/BFA conjoint at the University of Auckland. Her video works investigates the circulation of knowledge and the domination of the English language in a digital context. She is interested in making art less alienating, elitist and more community centred.

Rhi Munro
Events Coordinator

Rhi works in community service design and is passionate about connecting marginalised communities with what they need. He likes to read (everything), make music, smash the patriarchy, create, and travel to distant and not so distant places. He plays games, of both the electronic and table top variety, and is a trans*tastic human.

Sherry Zhang
Events Coordinator

Sherry is a student at Auckland Uni, and hopes to be a journalist or something along the lines of that. Despite being unsure of her major/future, she knows she will always be floating around the creative arts. She is passionate about connecting with a diverse range of stories and people. She hopes to see more representation of the Queer Asian community.

Tamsin Teiniker
Events Coordinator

Tamsin, who is transgender and queer, has had a colourful few years moving between different industries and studies, travelling, and discovering their identity and passions. They are working towards a career in LGBTQIA+ activism. Tamsin loves astrology, scary movies, boxing and bush walks.

Cat Atkinson
Photography & Media

Cat is a proud queer cameraperson with professional experience shooting portraits, gigs, and events. In their personal work, Cat is passionate about capturing the candid and the mundane, and immortalising a slice of life. They also love the colour yellow, drawing cartoons, and consuming as much queer art and media as they can.

Jonie Ellis
Events Coordinator

Jonie is a transplant from Los Angeles who is a queer femme foodie in search of the best bánh mì in Auckland. She works as a client liaison by day but is a serial volunteer by night. Her past work includes teaching yoga to youth overcoming prostitution and trafficking. She is passionate about human connection and creating those opportunities anywhere she can.

Maulik Thakkar
Events Coordinator

Maulik is a sometime writer, stage manager and urban planner rolled into one. He works as an activist on climate action issues and likes to devise on the fly. He's passionate about asking questions of long-held 'traditions' and tends to like upending comfort zones (making him popular with people around him). He believes that there are many South Asian queer stories waiting to be told.

Executive Assistant

Elegant. Sophisticated. Uncoordinated.
Part time DJ.

Part-time fly chaser.

Energetic and obsessed with balls of all sizes and colours, he's happy to give you a cuddle any time of day.