Check out featured projects and events Breaking Boundaries has done in the past.

FEBRUARY 14-17 2017

They’re not this year’s trend and they’re not your niche market. They don’t earn enough to give a shit about your GAYTMs. They’re angry, they’re in love and they’re about to get messy as f*ck.

FEBRUARY 10 2017

We hope your New Years resolution wasn't to give up chocolate, because you might be about to break it!

DECEMBER 18 2016

So the holidays are quickly approaching and we don't know if that makes you happy or sad or stressed or whatever, but we do know that doing crafts and eating food can only make you feel even better!

NOVEMBER 26 2016

Summer is coming and its time for tomatoes, strawberries and more! Breaking Boundaries' Creative Collective brings you a Free Gardening Workshop (and picnic!) with gardener Philip Wills!

JULY 23 2016

Breaking Boundaries is proud to present a free comic workshop with the wonderful and talented Sophie Labelle. Sophie is a writer, activist, and creator of the hugely popular Assigned Male Comics. Come join us and invite your friends to this great opportunity! 

OCTOBER 8 2016

With tickets to Alok Vaid-Menon - Giving Birth to Myself all sold out, don't miss this rare chance to see Alok in Auckland!